Much has changed over the last 105 years. Our physical building has relocated as our community has migrated south and west. Our programs and services have also evolved, meeting the latest needs and interests of our community.

From our beginning, in the early 20th century, people of all faiths and cultures have come together to live, learn, and celebrate in an environment that perpetuates wellness, meaning, and joy. One thing has always remained the same, the warmth and kindness we emanate every day in this special place so many call “home.”



Welcoming + Inclusive
Hachnasat Orchim
We are welcoming, inclusive and nurturing. We invite all to join us in making connections and lifelong friendships.

Building Community
We believe in the strength of community and we seek to cultivate a sense of belonging in all we do.

Enriching Mind, Body + Soul
We help individuals live a physically, intellectually, and emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Passing on Jewish Culture + History
M’dor L’dor
We celebrate and pass on the values, culture, history and traditions of the Jewish people.

Treat others as you wish to be Treated
We treat everyone with respect, dignity and loving kindness